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"Brisbane Calibrations have been able to service a broad range of our equipment and tools, while always remaining flexible, cost effective and most importantly a fast turnaround time. The Brisbane Calibrations team are patient, cheerful, responsive and very knowledgeable. They are a trusted partner for Airservices Australia."

Bruce England – Airservices


"A very responsive and knowledgeable team,  Brisbane Calibrations are a professional operation and an easy company to work with.  Highly recommended! ”

Danny Kunst – RLM Distributing Pty Ltd


"TAE uses Brisbane Calibrations as its' preferred supplier of calibration services except for equipment that is not able to be serviced/calibrated by them.  The pricing is reasonable, and the service and turnaround times experienced with our calibrated tooling & equipment has been excellent. Brisbane Calibrations have never disappointed TAE with a late return of items from calibration or a failure to collect them. Peter understands the fundamentals of service & he has consistently delivered over the years TAE has dealt with Brisbane Calibrations."

Adam Townsend - Project & Facilities Coordinator, Toll Aviation Engineering